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This question gets triggered when you find programming hard, boring, or you feel like you're not sure what direction you're headed.

Yes, programming is exciting and amazing. Everyone should try it.

But it's not for everyone.


Programming is not for you

If you need a quick switch to a field that you can make money.

The keyword here is quick switch.

It takes several years to get really good at programming. If you're serious about building mastery, you can tap into these lessons for beginner developers from 11 years of coding.


What made you get into programming?

A lot of people rush into coding because of the potential money to be earned. Yes, there's the money part but beyond that – what else?

If you dig deep and answer this question, you'll set up a solid foundation for the rest of your journey. Skip it, and you risk boredom, frustration and disappointment.


If you find programming boring

It can make you wonder if it's really for you. The answer is yes, it still can.

Most people who find it boring usually face one of these:

  • Your instructor sucks
  • The tutorials you're following are way too hard
  • Most things you code or problems you solve feel pointless
  • You have not explored enough e.g. you took a C++ course and decided “nope, no more
  • Your expectations are unrealistic e.g. you've realized it's more work than you imagine
  • Or you've had more exposure and realized it's just not your thing

If you find yourself in this state, follow these tips to fix your boredom with programming.


Feeling like you suck at programming

It's common to start out excited then completely crash because you feel like you've been banging your head against a wall.

But you're not alone.

It's common among new developers and to be honest, even experienced developers who've been at it for years still get this feeling. If you want to fix this feeling, follow these tips to fix this discouraging feeling that you suck at coding.


What people think programming is

Image Credit - Uthinkido - What people think programming is vs. what it truly is
Image Credit - Uthinkido - What people think programming is vs. what it truly is

Many think of software development as hacking into several computers and network. But in reality, most developers never try hacking.

But we mostly focus on mobile and web applications that involve zero hacking.


Closing out

Yes, programming can be for you if you're not looking for a shortcut, rapid way of making money.

Otherwise it'll turn to an avenue for endless frustrations. But if your head is in the right place, programming is one of the most exciting adventures to go through.

And everyone should give it a shot at some point in their life.


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