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If you find computer science boring

It's usually because of one of these:

  • Your instructor sucks
  • The tutorials you're following are way too hard
  • Most things you code or problems you solve feel pointless
  • You have not explored enough e.g. you took a C++ course and decided “nope, no more
  • Your expectations are unrealistic e.g. you've realized it's more work than you imagine
  • Or you've had more exposure and realized it's just not your thing


But what triggers your boredom?

First, find out what really triggers your boredom.

Some issues you think are roadblocks are not really problems and they are easy to fix with the right approach.

For example, if you find Computer Science boring because your instructor sucks, then you either:

  • Switch your instructor (if you can afford to)
  • Or supplement their teaching with more self-learning

If on the other hand, you find tutorials boring, you need to check for more tutorials covering the same concept before you write all of the field off.

If for instance, you jumped into software development for the money, you need to dig even deeper. Money alone is not enough to go through the hardships you'll face.


Most people haven't explored computer science enough

There are so many areas to try. Just because you started web development and didn't enjoy it doesn't mean all of Computer Science is boring.

“To do anything well you must have the humility to bumble around a bit, to follow your nose, to get lost, to goof. Have the courage to try an undertaking and possibly do it poorly. Unremarkable lives are marked by the fear of not looking capable when trying something new.” -Epictetus

There are more sub areas to check beyond web development:

  • Networking
  • Cyber security
  • Machine Learning
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Data Science
  • UX Design

The list is endless. And frankly, you don't have to be a software engineer. You can always merge your knowledge in this field with another.

Boredom because of lack of clarity

Sometimes, boredom sets in when things feel aimless. But this is easy to fix.

For example:


You truly find Computer Science boring

Maybe you've tried a lot and realized it's just not for you, that's okay.

At least you know that for yourself.

But whatever your reason is, make sure you're truthful to yourself.


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